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Spiritual Growth - One Tweet At A Time

A book comprised entirely of Twitter submissions that will help you grow spiritually... one tweet at a time

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"Twitter is a phenomenon. The 140 character tweet is now a part of the American fabric." Twitter is a phenomenon. No doubt about it. The 140 character “what are you doing?” idea has already become an icon of American life in record time. Twitter has allowed us a glimpse back into each other’s busy life, giving us a way to keep in touch, share life and get to know each other. Twitter became a vehicle for me to do what I love: teach, write and help people. It dawned on me that a book comprised entirely of tweets might really interest a world that embraces soundbites and quick moving thoughts. Think about them one at a time. Or read a couple of pages and find the one that really speaks to what is happening in your life. My prayer is that you will grow spiritually... one tweet at a time.
Here are some excerpts:

Solomon saw that most people strive & labor out of envy, wanting more "stuff." What is your motivation to work and acquire wealth? Ecclesiastes 4.4 ~BR

Are you walking in "all truth"? Why not? God has sent His Spirit to guide you in all truth. Are you taking Him up on the offer? John 16:13 ~BR

Giving, helping, sharing, teaching, mentoring, advising, blessing, praying, edifying... no greater love: John 15:13 ~BR
Ever feel like God is not there? When you sin, do you pretend He's not there? See if this verse leaves ANY place where God is not there. Ephesians 4:6 ~BR

Want your life-light to shine through the dark? Want the black night of your difficult life to become like the sun? I know how: Isaiah 58:10 ~BR

I use to worry about running out of goat's milk and how to feed the servant girls. No more... Proverbs 27:27 :) ~BR
We are pretty desensitized to evil considering what we routinely watch on news, TV, or movies. Hating evil is an indicator of.... Psalms 97:10 ~BR

Voicemail, computerized phone systems, faceless contact forms; we have all sorts of ways to avoid answering in person. Not God. Psalms 91.15 ~BR

We run around trying to discover HOW we're supposed to live when the Bible is full of simple commands. Honor, love, respect... 1 Peter 2:17 ~BR


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